I was born in Lakenheath England into a military family. So I guess you can say im a "military brat",. I am blessed with wonderful parents, Lorenzo and Olivia Gatica, who I... more

Olga Rivera Jackson "Brown Sugar" Disc Jockey

At the age of 5 many heroes to young girls in the 80's were Michael Jackson, Madonna, or if you were Hispanic it was Gloria Trevi, Veronica Castro, Fey and many more Musical... more

Nelda Saenz "La Reina De Conjunto" Disc Jockey

I was born and raised on the south side of San Antonio. I'm a proud South Bobcat, Class of 1988. I have been blessed with 2 sons, Cody James and Jake Anthony.
I grew up... more

Belinda Aguilar "Mz.Belle" Secretary

Born in San Francisco California and proud to say I'm an "Army Brat". Thanks to my parents Nicholas and Rosa Gonzales for taking me and my brothers to see around the world at... more

Born February 10, 1968 in San Antonio, Texas.
Growing up in the Southside of San Antonio with his family Emilio Navaira Jr. (Father), Maria Navaira (Mother), Yvette... more

Mark hails from Lebanon, Ohio and proudly claims a mixed German and Scottish heritage. In the Southwest region of Ohio, conjunto music and native Spanish speakers were non-... more

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